Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Orange Veggie Salad

I have not been posting new recipes lately but that does not mean that I have stopped cooking. On the contrary, I recently made this sweet and spicy salad using carrots instead of eggplants. I also must tell you that I don't have the exact proportions for each ingredients. But don't be afraid, this version it is very easy to make and a great companion to main dishes or just as standalone side dish with crackers. You can emphasize either side of the equation between sweet and spicy.

1 back of baby carrots
Red pepper
Green pepper

1- Cut the carrots in thin slices or food processor.
2- Add olive oil to the pan and begin cooking the onion slices until they become slightly brown.
3- Add the slices of carrots, slices of red and green pepper and tomato. Add salt and a bit of black pepper.
4- Saute all the vegetables for 15 minutes.

The salad is ready. You can eat it hot with rice, potatoes or store it in the refrigerator 2 hours for the flavors to simmer in.

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